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... this little cutie was a perfect little man the whole shoot!!!  I photographed  mom and dad's wedding a couple of years ago and they were in from Toronto and we hooked up!!!  I hope you enjoy!!!

Well call me crazy... but I cannot choose just a few images - so don't hate me....  this is me REALLY narrowing it down.. man... I really take too many images!!!  This couple is getting married September 11, 2010 and wanted to get a early start on wedding planning - so we got their e-session done early for them... they all turned out great - see - didn't I say

Check it out.... Julie at RSVP just got a new baby.... the  furry... 4 -legged kind... and boy is she CUTE!!!  Julie let me use some of the amazing decor items she had in her amazing store for props....  hope you enjoy!!!  By the way... RSVP ROCKSSSS!!!!  They are truly a one-stop-shop with anything wedding planning or decor - check them out!!!