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Check out these fantastic lots - only 3 left and the largest lots around Saskatoon!  12 minutes south of the city - fully serviced with city water - RM of Dundurn - 10 min to Blackstrap!  Please contact for more information!    Or text to 306-341-1527 MAPLE   GROVE   ESTATES

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I just found a fantastic new place in the city…  Little Bird Patisserie & Cafe - it is located at 258 Ave B South   306-384-4663     It is a hidden gem behind Anthology…. (which is fantastic as well!)  You have to go check them out!!!!  We had a treated ourselves to chocolate croissant….   YUMMMM

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I had the pleasure of capturing this lovely lady when I was back in BC last summer - and somehow missed posting these fab images.... geesh.... Tori - you are a doll to work with - can't wait to work with you agin this winter!  Thanks for stopping by!  And don't forget to "Like" me on Facebook for more updates too! Saskatoon Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer - Gina's Portraits - 1447

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Spring is coming.... really!   Time to book in for your portrait sessions!!!  Times are booking up quickly!  Here is a "happy" spring image.... just around the corner everyone!!!  Enjoy!   Saskatoon Wedding and Lifestyle Photography - Gina's Portraits - Saskatoon - 1447 Fairbrother Cres

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It is always great  going home... and even better to also be able to capture in your childhood backyard.... ohhhhh... I miss BC!  Thanks ladies for coming out to play!!!! 

January 11, 2010 Saskatoon Weddings

Just want to say congratulations to Amy & Ryan - they just booked one of my last dates left for June 2011!!!  The only date next June left open now is the 25th!!!  If you are interested - let me know asap!!!  Amy & Ryan - will also receive a complimentary Trash-The-Dress session since they booked before January 15th!!!  Can't wait to work with you guys!!!!

Check it out.... Julie at RSVP just got a new baby.... the  furry... 4 -legged kind... and boy is she CUTE!!!  Julie let me use some of the amazing decor items she had in her amazing store for props....  hope you enjoy!!!  By the way... RSVP ROCKSSSS!!!!  They are truly a one-stop-shop with anything wedding planning or decor - check them out!!!  

March 31, 2009 I love this!!!

A friend of mine just sent me this beautiful video - I think you will all love it - I cried like a baby!!  This is why I love what I do - we don't know how long we will have eachother - each day is a blessing - don't assume you will have tomorrow - cherish today - as it says in the video "keep me... protect me.. share

... okay... anyone who knows me at all knows that I have a VERY low boredom tolerance.... and love change .... well with work stuff that is.... at home... everything needs to be in its place and no change otherwise it messes with my world LOL!!!  There is some great new stuff coming up - thank you for being patient with my lack of blogging - I promise I will