Top Portrait Photographer in Canada!!!!

Well… it has been a ride!  I have been blessed to be capturing moments in so many peoples lives over the past 10 years and have finally achieved a goal I didn’t really know I could ever achieve!  I was a finalist in 2009 for Top Portrait Photographer in Canada …. but this was my year!!!  I was just named Professional Portrait Photographer of Canada 2011 by the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) a week ago at our National Convention in beautiful Banff!!!  I am still a little in shock!

Each year – every member of the PPOC is invited to submit 4 prints only to represent their body of work for the year…. these images can fall into any one of the 20+ categories… ie… wedding, commercial… fashion etc…..   each image is then judged by a panel of the Top Professional Photographers in Canada who are national judges and given a score between non-accepted to Excellence……   out of all those thousands and thousands of entries…. those photographers who were able to have all 4 of their prints accepted and score the highest in the country are then named as the finalists for Canada.  I was one of the only 5 accepted as finalist… and the only woman…..  The other photographers I was in the running with have been a huge inspiration to me over the past 10 years…. and honestly…. they are so amazing I have been scared to even say hi to them because I just was in awe of their outstanding work.  Once I got to know them – you know what – they are totally amazing, wonderful, generous people – love you all!!!!

I won.  OMG…. yes… almost passed out when they called my name….. really!   This night I also found out I won Top Fashion Image in Canada, Judges Choice, a image in Loan Collection, finalist in the new Masters Competition (top 5 in that one too!!!) and received my Masters of Photographic Arts!   Wow – what a night!  I feel blessed to do what I do and share it with so many… thank you to my wonderful supportive family….  my amazing husband for putting up with my crazies…. and to you my clients… for allowing me into your world……  here is to the next 10 years!

Once again… here are my entries!!!

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