February 17, 2014

Saskatoon Photographer – Laurisa & Eric Engagement


I love winter… good thing too considering where we live!!!   This beautiful couple braved the cold… but had such fun with their shoot!    You feel their love and see how connected they are as you look at their images!  Can’t wait for their summer wedding!

Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp025 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp026 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp027 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp028 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp029 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp030 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp031 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp032 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp033 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp034 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp035 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp036 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp037 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp038 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp039 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp040

Saskatoon Wedding and Portrait Photographer – Gina’s Portraits – Saskatoon, SK         306-653-2819        ginasportraits@shaw.ca


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