Mable Elliott Guest Ranch – Saskatoon Lifestyle Photographer – Gina’s Portraits

Oh I had such a blast capturing Mable Elliott Guest Ranch… it is a little paradise…   please check her amazing guest ranch and horse services….   From her website….

“All guest ranch services are personalized for you. We provide horsemanship activities for riders of all ages and experience, professional horse training, vacations and special occasion retreats. Relax and partner with a beautiful well trained horse and share a hearty home cooked meal.

Mable Elliott Horsemanship Services and Guest Ranch is a fully equipped horse training and teaching facility, less than twenty minutes Northwest from the city of Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada.

The Mable Elliott Guest Ranch produces registered Quarter Horses that are beautiful, athletic and versatile with exceptionally kind dispositions. These horses have a strong history of superior bloodlines, noted for their use as recreational horses, world class champions throughout the show ring and as working cow horses.

Ms. Elliott has crossed cowhorse foundation bloodlines and speed pedigrees to produce a superior horse with cow sense, extra agility, speed and stunning style. Cow Horses with Class!

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Saskatoon Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer – Gina’s Portraits – Saskatoon –     306-653-2819

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