May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day! Saskatoon Lifestyle Photographer – Gina’s Portraits


Well… I wanted to photograph one of the most beautiful mom’s I know… my baby sister.. a couple years younger than me – we grew up back together in BC.. both with a love for all things natural and loved being outside… she is a “super-mom”!!!  She can do it all – amazing cook, home-schools to two straight-A boys – the most organized home you will ever see (give Martha Stewart a run for her money) – helps her wonderful husband run their family business – gardens – and will help anyone at anytime with anything they need – she is as strong as she is beautiful!  Leah – you have always been such a blessing in my life, my little Leah, your a inspiration of faith, beauty and endurance…. LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!!  Thanks for stopping by to celebrate a fantastic mom!… and by the way – this is the FIRST TIME       E-V-E-R      she has said yes to me photographing her…. it was a treat for me!!!

Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp001 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp002 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp003 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp004 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp005 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp006 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp007 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp008

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