Montreal Destination Wedding Photographer – Gina’s Portraits – Brienne & Alex

I am blessed!  I couldn’t have had a more “up for anything” couple!  Which was fantastic considering it poured most of the day and we had to change the game plan for images!  But.. they rocked right through it and did amazing!   We even had a attack of the zombies!!!   Yup…. we went underground… and came face-to-face with two!!!

The day started at the fantastic HOTEL PLACE D’ARMES…. right across from their incredible  church – the one and only place Celene Dion got married – Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal Church!   IT IS BREATHTAKING!!!!!     We stopped at the Montreal Canadiens… they let us play around a bit…. under the Hall of Fame, and had some Centre Ice Time too!  (not on the actual ice – but close enough!)   The reception was in a amazing Italian restaurant in Old Montreal…. the Vieux Port Steakhouse which if you ever have a chance to go to Old Montreal – you  will love it!  The cobblestone streets, beautiful character in the buildings…. Alex and Brienne really knew what they were doing planning their wedding back where Alex grew up!   Now… please check out this lovely couple!     Blessings!

Some amazing words from my bride – LOVE YOU GUYS!     “I chose Gina as our photographer because of the beautiful images I have seen her create, but Gina is much more than that. Gina was amazing with me, my family and friends and kept everyone organized. It poured rain almost the entire day, and although we were married in the Basilica, a great many of our photos were done outside. Gina didn`t bat an eye to this problem and made sure I still had our family and group shots outside were we had originally planned to have them, even the very small children in our group who didn`t handle the weather easily did wonderfully because Gina had a plan of action, made it quick, and only needs to take a photo or two of one shot to get the exact image you were hoping for.   Gina had a game plan and knew where she wanted to take photos, but she was very open to suggestion and if we had an idea we thought would be cool she was up for it too!   Gina also had supplies on hand (really good hairspray!) to make sure that if something needed attending to she was prepared for it making (what could have been) big disasters merely a quick fix.   Everybody that was in our family and wedding party that she photographed also said she was easy to work with and did amazing capturing the emotions of the day, and I can`t agree more.   I have such a variety of different photos to choose from and its incredibly hard to pick a `favorite` because they all capture the day, little things like my niece looking up in awe, or the use of rain as beautiful backdrop, some images I couldn`t imagine she captured, she did. The only thing your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, or simply people that couldn`t attend your wedding get to see are the wedding photos, I chose Gina because she is the best and I wanted those memories remembered in the best possible way.”  Brienne & Alex


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