May 19, 2015

Saskatoon Winter Wedding Photographer – Gina’s Portraits – Kassie & Chris


I love winter weddings – they are so pretty!  This gorgeous couple were such amazing troopers through the cold that day!  If memory serves correctly.. it was -42 with the wind chill…. yup!  Just wait till you see how stunning it looked though it all!  We met downtown at the new Saskatoon Police Station.. so beautiful in there!   Did some amazing shots in and around there… then headed out for some more  locations!   Most of this stunning bridal party serves the community in one way… we are blessed to have such amazingly dedicated and brave people helping to protect us!   I am so lucky to have such amazing clients!     Oh… and your going to L O V E their “cake” table LOL!       Hair – Charlotte (Charlie) Tavanetz,      Makeup –  Blayne – Sephora      Florist – FeathersRForever        Decor – Elegant Expressions                   Thank you for stopping by!     I would love to document your life – email –    call/text  306-341-1527   Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_001 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp002 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp003 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp004 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp005 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp006 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp007 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp008 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp009 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp010 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp011 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp012 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp013 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp014 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp015 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp016 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp017 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp018 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp020 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp021 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp023 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp024 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp025 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp026 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp027 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp028 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp029 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp030 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp031 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp032 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp033 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp034 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp035 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp036 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp037 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp038 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp039 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp040 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp041 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp042 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp043 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_comp044

 Saskatoon Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer –   Gina’s Portraits  –   Saskatoon, SK    email –     call/text to  306-341-1527


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