December 29, 2015

Saskatoon Graduation Photographer – Gina’s Portraits – Krysta


Are you looking for the perfect gift for your graduate?  Capturing who they are at this stage of life is so important!  It is a amazing gift that they will have and cherish forever!   The “grad” photos are so important… but a senior lifestyle shoot like this one show who they really are!  I would love to work with your graduate.. please contact me for details!   email –   or   call/text   306-341-1527

Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_001 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_002 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_003 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_004 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_005 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_006 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_007 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_008 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_009 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_010 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_011 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_012 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_013 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_014 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_015 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_016 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_017 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_018 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_019 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_020 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_021 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_022 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_023 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_024 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_025 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_026 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_027 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_028 Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer_029

Saskatoon Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer –   Gina’s Portraits –  email –


Lee Bells : 16:02 February 12, 2016 Reply
Wow. These photos are fantastic. In our small town all the grads get their photos done on the day of grad in their dress or tux etc. But the kind of shoot I just saw seems to be a great option for capturing how ones son or daughter looks in their senior year.

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