Saskatoon Grad / Senior Photographer – KYLE – Gina’s Portraits

Are you wanting to document the senior graduate in your home?  A Senior Lifestyle session is an amazing way to do so!    Check out Kyle.. he is a volunteer with the Crossfield Fire Department and plans on furthering his education with Paramedics after grade 12!  He is soooo perfect for this!  I would love to work with YOUR senior!   Email –     or   call/text to  306-341-1527

001-Saskatoon_Photographer 002-Saskatoon_Photographer 003-Saskatoon_Photographer 004-Saskatoon_Photographer 005-Saskatoon_Photographer 006-Saskatoon_Photographer 007-Saskatoon_Photographer 008-Saskatoon_Photographer 009-Saskatoon_Photographer 010-Saskatoon_Photographer 011-Saskatoon_Photographer 012-Saskatoon_Photographer 013-Saskatoon_Photographer 014-Saskatoon_Photographer 015-Saskatoon_Photographer 016-Saskatoon_Photographer 017-Saskatoon_Photographer 018-Saskatoon_Photographer 019-Saskatoon_Photographer 020-Saskatoon_Photographer 021-Saskatoon_Photographer 022-Saskatoon_Photographer 023-Saskatoon_Photographer 024-Saskatoon_Photographer 025-Saskatoon_Photographer 026-Saskatoon_Photographer 027-Saskatoon_PhotographerSaskatoon Graduate and Lifestyle Photographers   –    Gina’s Portraits    –   email –    or   call/text   306-341-1527

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