Saskatoon Fashion Photographer – Gina’s Portraits – Barb Mather – Medium

I would like to introduce you to the amazing Barb Mather – Medium… Barb was needing some new head shots for work purposes… I think we nailed it!   I would LOVE to work with YOU!    email –    call/text  306-341-1527

 001-Saskatoon_Photographer 002-Saskatoon_Photographer 003-Saskatoon_Photographer 004-Saskatoon_Photographer 005-Saskatoon_Photographer 006-Saskatoon_Photographer 007-Saskatoon_Photographer 008-Saskatoon_Photographer 009-Saskatoon_Photographer 010-Saskatoon_Photographer 011-Saskatoon_Photographer 012-Saskatoon_Photographer 013-Saskatoon_PhotographerSaskatoon Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer    –    Gina’s Portraits  –   email –      call/text  306-341-1527

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