December 13, 2016

Saskatoon Engagement – Brittany & Kelly – Gina’s Portraits


Check out these cuties – oh man were they super sweet to work with!  Their wedding is going to be so amazing!  I love having dogs in sessions as well – they are our 4-legged-fuzzy fur babies!  I would LOVE to work with you!    email –    or   call/text  306-341-1527

197-Saskatoon_Photographer 198-Saskatoon_Photographer 199-Saskatoon_Photographer 200-Saskatoon_Photographer 201-Saskatoon_Photographer 202-Saskatoon_Photographer 203-Saskatoon_Photographer 204-Saskatoon_Photographer 205-Saskatoon_Photographer 206-Saskatoon_Photographer 207-Saskatoon_Photographer 208-Saskatoon_Photographer 209-Saskatoon_Photographer 210-Saskatoon_Photographer 211-Saskatoon_Photographer 212-Saskatoon_Photographer 213-Saskatoon_Photographer 214-Saskatoon_Photographer 215-Saskatoon_Photographer 216-Saskatoon_Photographer 217-Saskatoon_Photographer 218-Saskatoon_Photographer 219-Saskatoon_Photographer 220-Saskatoon_Photographer 221-Saskatoon_Photographer 222-Saskatoon_Photographer 223-Saskatoon_Photographer 224-Saskatoon_Photographer 225-Saskatoon_Photographer 226-Saskatoon_Photographer 227-Saskatoon_Photographer 228-Saskatoon_Photographer 229-Saskatoon_Photographer 230-Saskatoon_Photographer 231-Saskatoon_Photographer 232-Saskatoon_Photographer 233-Saskatoon_Photographer 234-Saskatoon_Photographer 235-Saskatoon_Photographer 236-Saskatoon_Photographer 237-Saskatoon_Photographer 238-Saskatoon_Photographer 239-Saskatoon_PhotographerSaskatoon Wedding, Engagement and lifestyle photographer    –   Gina’s Portraits  –  email –    or    call/text   306-341-1527

Martha : 04:22 December 22, 2016 Reply
What an awesome engagement session! great work!
Serena : 07:35 December 26, 2016 Reply
Fabulous engagement photography and absolutely perfect pictures of a couple.
Shawna : 20:38 February 4, 2017 Reply
Stunning and pulling at my heart strings because I own a German Shepherd!

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