December 29, 2016

Saskatoon Engagement Photographer – Grant & Lynn – Gina’s Portraits


Warm summer evening, amazing couple…. FANTASTIC chemistry!  I sooo can’t wait to shoot this wedding in a vineyard in California next June!   Grant has been one of my best friends for so many years – it is such a blessing to see what a perfect woman he found to complete him.  It was God’s hand that brought them together!  They are perfect together!  SOOO HAPPY for them!  The fun we will have in June!

165-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 166-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 167-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 168-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 169-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 170-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 171-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 172-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 173-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 174-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 175-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 176-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 177-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 178-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 179-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 180-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 181-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 182-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 183-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 184-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 185-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 186-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 187-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 188-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 189-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 190-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 191-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer 192-Saskatoon_Wedding_Photographer Saskatoon Wedding and Engagement Photographer   –   Gina’s Portraits   –  email –      call/text   –  306-341-1527


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