The Goddess Series | The Emergence | Saskatoon Photographer | Gina’s Portraits

Photographer : Gina Portraits
Visual Artist: Gina’s Portraits
Creative concept: Erin Nicole & Gina’s Portraits
Model: Erin Nicole
Poetry: Erin Nicole
Lashes: Erin Nicole Lash Haute Couture

Floating above the murky waters of pain,struggle and loss, slowly allowing all that must unfold and unravel float away…
she had heard the call of something new … so faintly… so far away…
Would she answer the call…
As she emerged, she felt the rush of fresh air absorb into her lungs.  With each new breathe she felt the freedom running through her veins… the freedom of releasing all that had held her down for far too long!  Freedom had called and she excitedly, frantically accepted the call, breathing it in with such force that all else fell away.   As the layers fell away, her heart could beat again, As the heaviness released she could breathe again!  Ready, yes finally ready to embrace all of her power, beauty and light!  True beauty could finally shine through… the dust, debris, and scars gracefully fade away!
Let it go… walk away, the attachment to all that was finally released in one final breath…
As she finally embraced her newly emerged beauty and grace she smiled to herself for she knew, without the tragedy, without the struggle she would never have known how true emergence would taste. The taste of freedom, light, beauty and grace lingered as she looked ahead to her new beginning.
As we trudge through the muddy and murky waters of life – may we rise up into full bloom – untainted, wise and beautiful!


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