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Oh I remember when this couple came to me newly engaged!  I have seen them from that stage – to their amazing wedding, maternity images and family images!  Now… announcing their newest member of the family coming soon!  I am so grateful for my wonderful clients that trust me with their treasured memories along the way!  I AM BLESSED to have such amazing clients!  Here is a little testimonial from them:

“Gina, you NEVER FAIL TO AMAZE ME!!  I have come to expect great things from you because everything you do is so beautiful, but you still surprise me with how gorgeous you make EVERYTHING!!!!  I don’t know how I could ever pick a favorite.  I love them all for different reasons.  I love the simplicity of some of the ones that are only of Parkers face, or just of her walking and being her, I love one that captured Darryls full smile!  When I was 16 that’s the smile that made me fall in love with him!  The water ones are fantastic because they look like Parker is a fairy princess and the ones where she is reading in the chair can only be described as magical.  I feel like you really caught Parkers expressions and personality, the kind that you don’t want to ever forget because they make her who she is.  We have always chosen you as a photographer because you don’t just produce ONE favorite in a folder full of “good” pictures, you create a folder full of AMAZING pictures that are impossible to choose favorites from!”

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